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If your agency / institution is an official EUnetHTA partner this is the place you can get access to our intranet area, the area where you can start the international collaboration.

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What you need? Just a few seconds to fill in the few personal information. Be aware you have to agree the terms of use and for sure you have to respect our code of trusted work to use the services EUnetHTA members have developed to work together.

USER Name information and rules

User name rule: first letter first name and the whole family name without any spaces or other signs. Please replace special letters as Ä Ö Ü é ß with simple letters (all in small letters).

To assure unique ID you also have to be aware that another user in your agency might have the same user name. In this case the registration will not allow your user name.
Either arrange an unique name for yourself in line with the EUnetHTA rules or contact us at DIMDI.​

Display name: there is no general rule for a display name. But it is very helpful to use a description which gives other people a chance to identify you. Keep in mind that several hundreds of people already are registered to EUnetHTA JA 3 and to identify the right person is not easy. Your full name and institution in brackets is very helpful (eg: Firstname + " " + Lastname + " " + "(" + " " + institution + ")" : Maria Musterfrau (Muster) ). Nevertheless you can choose however you want.


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